Bronzeware (Kansa)

by De Kulture Works on Dec 10, 2022

Bronzeware (Kansa)

The capacity to blend, stir, and heat ingredients is crucial to the skill of cooking. The heating elements of cooking utensils and the type of heating source are split into two groups.

Earlier it was charcoal, and clay stoves, then it evolved into gas stoves, microwave, kerosene stove, etc. India has a vast history of culinary and eating customs that date back 5000 years or more. Our ancestors and parents utilised clay or metal utensils made of brass, cast iron, copper, or other metals for cooking. Historically, meals served on ancient Indian cooking pots were regarded as traditional champions.

Traditional earthen cooking pots used for chulhas made them taste better since they maintained the food's nutrients.

Meal with additional flavour, such as rice and legumes.


Despite the existence of new, nonstick cookware, stick surfaces, steel, pressure cooker, plastic and anodised aluminium are unable to preserve nutrients of the food.

Using conventional kitchen appliances has a number of health advantages. Cast iron cookware, for example, plays an important function in increasing food's iron content, especially in acidic foods. Copper has a special talent to dietary collagen. Brass is very good at holding water, which boosts human immunity. Hence, the most nutritional and healthy option for selecting cookware is to go back in time.


Even CNN News18 has mentioned the health benefits of using copper, bronze and brass utensils. One of the greatest metals for eating is kansa, or bronze. According to experts, the Kansa plate can lower the food's acid content and improve gut and digestive health. Additionally, it enhances memory, lowers inflammation, and supports thyroid equilibrium.


Copper and zinc, two essential elements for a human, are found in brass or peetal. Utensils made of brass are strong, resilient, and non-magnetic. According to experts, cooking meals on brass cookware can only result in a 7% loss of nutrients, compared to a far larger percentage in other cookware types.


The natural process of water filtration is one of the many advantages of drinking water from copper jars. Additionally, copper is well-known for having anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce joint discomfort and pains. It helps in strengthening immunity, increasing haemoglobin levels, retains skin disease prevention, and bone strength.


Due to the severe Covid-19 pandemic, a great many people have begun to take their health seriously and are making the necessary changes to live a healthier and better life. You can start now, by investing in our range of brass and copper cutlery and crockery.