Traditional Crafts meets Modern Luxury: The story of dekulture

by De Kulture Works on Dec 09, 2022

Traditional Crafts meets Modern Luxury: The story of dekulture

For centuries, traditional craftsmanship has been revered for its beauty and quality. But now, with the rise of modern luxury goods, it's hard to find that same level of craftsmanship. That's where dekulture comes in. dekulture is a luxurious goods company that is reviving authentic crafts and empowering artisans to create modern essentials for everyday use. Through their mission, they are bringing together traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury in an effort to create the perfect blend of style and quality.


What is dekulture?

dekulture is a luxury goods company that brings together traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury. Founded in 2005, the company strives to preserve cultural heritage while creating unique pieces of art and design that are built to last. dekulture is crafted with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.

Every item is designed to capture the essence of traditional craftsmanship and blend it with modern designs and sensibilities. Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. Each piece from dekulture is handmade by skilled artisans using natural materials that are ethically sourced.

The results are timeless and elegant pieces of art and design that are made with care, passion, and purpose. dekulture is devoted to reviving traditional arts and empowering artisans to create essentials for everyday use. By shopping with dekulture, you can support a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to preserving the planet's cultural heritage.


What inspired the founding of dekulture?

Founded in 2005, dekulture was born out of a desire to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern luxury.

From quality homeware to fashion accessories, the company takes great pride in its handcrafted goods, carefully crafted by talented artisans.

The founders believe that supporting traditional crafts helps preserve a unique part of human culture and heritage, which makes it all the more important to protect these ancient techniques from being lost. It also allows them to make an impact on the lives of artisan communities who have been marginalized by the digital age.

Through their unique approach, dekulture has been able to create a luxurious brand that celebrates the beauty and strength of both traditional crafts and modern luxury. By honoring traditional methods while innovating new designs and materials, they hope to share the passion and joy of creativity with the world.


Brand Philosophy and Core Values

Their brand philosophy is based on reviving authentic crafts and empowering artisans to produce essentials for everyday use. By doing so, dekulture hopes to promote sustainable production practices and foster an ethical fashion mindset.

In order to provide their customers with quality products, dekulture works directly with artisans to create timeless pieces with a modern touch.


At the core of their brand philosophy lies the idea that traditional craftsmanship can be paired with modern luxury. By blending together these two worlds, dekulture creates unique pieces that are both socially conscious and stylish. So when you shop with them, you not only get high quality products, but you also know that you’re supporting artisans in India.

Redefining lifestyle systems for the well-being of the clients is at the core of their value system. This means that dekulture not only provides customers with luxury goods, but also supports a healthier lifestyle. Shop with them and join them in the journey of traditional crafts meeting modern luxury!